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Versione IPS 4.1.6 disponibile


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Ogni mese una nuova versione  :D

  • Sistemato un problema di sicurezza sull'importazione degli stati da Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.
  • Inserito il supporto a PayPal per le fatturazioni in Commerce.
  • Inserite nuove REST API per gli sviluppatori.
  • Cambiato il comportamento dei media incorporati nell'editor.
  • Fix bug generali.
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Rilasciata la versione, mah!!! :blink:  :blink:  :blink:


Nothing terribly exciting.

  • Fixes an issue where the value selected for a select box may not be correct when showing a form
  • Fixes an issue where getting the CKEditor version to display on the form where you add a CKEditor plugin was failing.
  • Fixes an issue with handling customised email templates when upgrading.
  • Changed the 4.1.6 upgrade routine to display the progress (the process can take a long time if you have lots of statuses) and process more per loop.

The select field fix was the important one because it can cause accidental mistakes, particularly in the ACP. We also wanted to push out the change for the 4.1.6 upgrader because, even though it doesn't matter for people who have already upgraded, it was causing some confusion.

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speriamo che diventi al più presto stabile. anche se mi scazza un pò perchè avrebbero potuto continuare a rilasciare beta, non ha molto senso far aggiornare ai clienti con queste versioni che si aggiornano troppo spesso. ^^

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